Hank Williams: Did you know that the cause of death of Hank Williams Jr.’s wife Mary Jan Thomas has been revealed?

Hank Williams Jr., whose wife Mary Jane Thomas had died suddenly, is being told the cause of death due to lungs, after several days what caused the death was revealed.

Hank Williams Jr.’s wife, Mary Jane Thomas, died at the age of 58 on March 22 after suffering a lung problem during surgery in Florida.

What did the doctors give the reason for the death of Mary Jane Thomas?

According to the reports of the doctors, the cause of death of former model Mary Jane Thomas was a perforation inside her pleura due to the treatment of the breasts.

Mary Jane Thomas had BAFTIs surgery and the procedure to remove the breast implants was told by the doctors that you would recover at home but due to which she could not survive the lung hole and she died.

Did you know that the cause of death of Hank Williams Jr.'s wife Mary Jan Thomas has been revealed?

The Palm Beach County Medical Examiner has described Mary Jane Thomas’s death as accidental. When a surgeon performed breast lifts during chest surgery, her lung was punctured due to which she could not breathe and died.

When Mary Jane Thomas was released from hospital the next day she was speaking normally at home but suddenly had trouble breathing. Later he would be immediately taken to the hospital but died on arrival.

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