Do you know actor Jason Momoa who is a narrow survivor?

Actor Jason Momoa, popularly known as Aquaman, was going somewhere when he collided face to face with a bike rider. Due to which he narrowly survived in this accident, he did not get any injury, at the moment he is absolutely fine, on the other hand, the biker has also got minor injuries.

Jason Momoa is known only from the movie Aquaman.

Jason Momoa, popularly known as Aquaman, was going somewhere on a bike, when a person coming from the other side of his motorcycle crashed into each other, due to which Aquaman narrowly escaped. His bike had a tremendous collision. Both the bike riders narrowly escaped. All of them were driving their car in California when the incident happened.

actor Jason Momoa

However, Aquaman did not suffer any injuries. The man on the motorcycle suffered minor injuries, yet Jason Momoa took him to the hospital. He was taken to the hospital and given treatment, he also had injuries in his feet and hands.

How did the accident with Jason Momoa happen?

Jason Momoa was going by the car, when the bike riders started coming towards him, due to which he collided and fell down, then Jason Momoa gave treatment to the bike rider as soon as possible and took him to the hospital. The car also suffered injuries due to the collision and their bike was badly damaged.

Jason Momoa loves riding a bike

Actor Jason Momoa keeps uploading pictures with his bike on his Instagram, he is fond of bike riding since childhood, with him the bike gives a different look.

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